Losing Control

God doesn’t always give you what you want. But He always gives you what you need. Because His goal is not to prepare an easy life for you, but to make you grow more like Him: holy.

„I don’t want this, God. Why did you let this happen?“ Have you ever asked this question? You‘re not alone. As I shared on social media recently, I‘m still struggling with anxiety. Even though I enjoy exploring new places, that „OCD guy“ makes traveling challenging for me. Our vacation in Crete this month was no exception. And the ironic thing is that God allowed a situation to happen where I was trying to have it all under control. I chose the safe option (from an OCD point of view). But by doing that, I ended up in a worst-case scenario.

Well, this is not what I wanted. But, I guess, this is what I needed. My loss of control makes me look for safety in the One who always is in control. And he’s at work in you and me. At work to free us from everything that holds us bound and make us more like Himself: holy.

Mirjana Joy

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