FOMO – When You’re Struggling Saying “No”

Do you have the fear of missing out? Many of us struggling saying “no” because of that. As a new mom, I know FOMO very well. The transition teaches me to say “no” to things my old self would have enjoyed doing.

But…«when you say “no” to something, you’re also saying “yes” to something else.

Friend, be confident in the fact that where God has you is enough. You’re not missing out when you say “no” or when your season looks different than hers…Your “no” isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of another “yes”.» (Tara Sun)

My “no” to late night events, certain activities with friends, etc. is a “YES” to my baby girl, my new calling as a mom, and my faithfulness to God. And I want to fully embrace it.

Mirjana Joy

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