Love Letter

When I was reading my Bible reading plan the other morning, I was struggling. I wasn’t focused. Neither my heart nor my mind were able to absorb what I was reading. I had read the passage before. I knew its content, but it didn’t really speak to me that day. Not emotionally at least. One more chapter and I could check the box in my Bible app. Done. Task completed.

All of a sudden, a thought came to my mind. The Bible is God’s love letter to His children! Would I have read a love letter from Leon (back in the day, when we had broken up, and I was wondering if he still liked me after all he had been through with me) like I was reading God‘s love letter right now? Clearly not. I would have been excited, thrilled to learn what he had to say. That’s how I want to read my Bible! The living God wrote a letter – a book even – to me and to you!

Here’s a gentle reminder: Reading His Word should not be a task to check on a to-do list. It IS oxygen for our souls! It is life-giving! How do you read your Bible? Are you reading it all?

Mirjana Joy

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