One Year

…Mr. & Mrs. B ♡

Our first year of marriage hasn’t been easy. Only a short time after our wedding, we got very sick with Covid. Definitely not my dream come true, lying in bed next to my newlywed hubby, looking and feeling teeerrible. After I recovered from that, my „mental-health-downward-spiral“ continued. Our honeymoon weekend in Paris wasn’t a fairytale at all. I loved Paris and I loved being there with Leon, but my mind was going crazy. I was panicking most of the time.

Due to my anxieties and OCD, I lost weight. Too much weight. I was falling apart and I didn’t realize it. By the end of October, I left Leon for a hospital stay. I couldn’t stop crying. My condition was very serious, but all I wanted was to go home. It was one of the WORST experiences in my life. But still, God was in control. He kept me alive. Meanwhile, Leon went through major struggles himself. Not only did he pray for me, encourage and comfort me, but he had important decisions to make for his personal life as well. 

Let’s just say: Our circumstances didn’t lead us to cloud nine. BUT we had the chance to implement what we vowed to each other. In good times as in bad. In sickness as in health. And through it all, God was faithful.

“To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known & not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known & truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God.”

Tim Keller

Leon, thank you for fully knowing and still loving me. Thank you for being my best friend, patient listener, down-to-earth-adviser when my emotions drive me crazy, travel buddy, favorite comedian, and so much more. Yes kez sirumen! 


P.S.: Here’s a short version of our wedding video by Vertigo Studios:

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