Short Story (bisher ohne Titel)


Diese Kurzgeschichte ist noch nicht fertig und hat bisher noch nicht einmal einen Titel (einen passenden Titel zu finden, ist irgendwie oft eines der größten Herausforderungen für mich, wenn ich etwas schreibe…also, ich bin immer offen für Inspirationen :)), obwohl sie in meinem Kopf schon etwas weiter ist. Während eines Praktikums bei einem Promi-Magazin wurde mir noch einmal auf ganz neue Weise bewusst, wieviel Macht die Medien haben und sogar das Leben der Menschen zerstören können. Ja, es gibt Anwälte, die sich übrigens tatsächlich immer mal bei den Zeitungen melden, aber wenn erst einmal etwas veröffentlicht wurde, können diese Texte viel anrichten. So entstand die Idee für diese Geschichte. Ich bin gespannt, wie sie euch gefällt 🙂

Joy Weiterlesen

Short Story: A Promise For Love

His hands were damp. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he desperately held onto his chair. The physician rifled through his medical file. He would most certainly give an awful diagnosis soon. He might have a severe illness, for instance, malaria. Had he not been stung by a mosquito on his recent vacation? Yes! He worryingly rolled up his sleeve and observed his arm, where the bite had been. Perhaps he did not notice that it was swollen like a balloon. But no, he could not see anything.
“Mr. Morrison, were you not already here last week?“, the doctor looked at the man with an amused expression. “Umm yes.” The patient expected the worst case.
“But Mr. Morrison, did I not tell you that you are absolutely healthy?“ the physician pressed on.
“You did, but I just watched a terrible report. I believe that I have malaria. One of my neighbour’s friends died painfully after a mosquito bite. Do you know how fast you can contract malaria?”
Doctor James suppressed a smile. Matthew Morrison had been his patient for eight years now and he had never actually been sick. He was one of the healthiest and most stable young men the physician had ever met. However, Matthew visited the medical office nearly every week, convinced that he suffered from a life-threatening disease. He was a real hypochondriac.