International Women‘s Day: An Unpopular Opinion

Today is International Women’s Day! Congratulations to all the wonderful ladies out there!

Recently, I was asked to write a post about the biblical role of women, and I am excited to do so because it is such an important topic. While the world may encourage us to find “freedom” in choosing what and how we want to be, the Bible tells us that we find freedom in our purpose for being a woman. I will discuss this in more detail soon. For now, let me say this: God created you as a female for a reason. He has carefully and lovingly designed you with all your feminine traits.

A woman’s freedom is not found in being whatever she *wants* to be, but in being who she was *made* to be.

Anneliese @feminINEnotfeminIST

In today’s world, people may deny it, but men and women are different, not in worth (!), but in abilities, gifts, and roles. And that is wonderful! So, take a moment to appreciate the women in your life today. Thank them for all that they do, and remind them of how beautiful and special they are, not because they are perfect, but because their creator is.

Mirjana Joy

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