(Wrong) Assumptions

2023|11|26| Yesterday was very special for our family. We had a baby dedication at our church and Malea Joy was part of it.

For this occasion, we invited both of our extended families, and I wanted the three of us to look great on our church stage. A beautiful little family dressed up… MJ wore a white dress and a cute denim jacket. But when we were about to leave our apartment, IT happened: diaper blowout. I had to change Malea. Gone was her dress (technically, we had other dresses, but not another fitting pantyhose). She still had her denim jacket, but I put her in casual pants now. I still thought she looked adorable, but would other people, maybe even our families, expect her to wear something more festive?

Well, little did I know that none of that would matter after all… Little MJ fell asleep in our carrier before we entered the stage, and woke up when the church sang a song of blessing. All the people saw were her cute chubby legs. What an irony!

I know that you already know this, but just a gentle reminder that life is not about other people’s opinions on how you dress, speak, smile, breathe… Yes, people think a lot. But the only thing that matters is what GOD thinks about you. And sometimes maybe you are the one who puts too much thought into something, assuming people would think XYZ when they actually don’t…

Mirjana Joy

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