5 Ways to Care For Your Body & Soul In A God-Honoring Way

1. Time With God

We were created to be in community first with God, & second with others. Get out your Bible, pray, listen to worship music, go to church, attend a Bible study group, & invite other Christians to your home. // A note to my mama-friends: Your quiet time doesn’t have to be quiet! You don’t have to sit in a room by yourself to meet with God! Let your kids witness how important the Lord is to you, & it will impact their little hearts.

2. Enough Sleep

Your body NEEDS sleep to regenerate. I know, we sometimes feel like our days are too short to get our to-dos done, or we simply want some time to relax after work. But let’s not skip our sleep! God promises to provide everything we need to fulfill the tasks He gives us. If you feel like you’re lacking time, you might’ve spent too much of it elsewhere (e.g. on your phone). God wants to teach you that life is more than your responsibilities, & you can rest in Him, knowing that you are fully loved and accepted by your heavenly Father – regardless of completing your to-do-list.

3. Balanced Nutrition

Eat „real“ food instead of processed food. Read the ingredient lists on foods. Cook instead of getting fast food. Try to buy more locally. Reduce sugar, food dyes, artificial flavors, and other additives.

4. Exercising & Fresh Air

Get out and move! Your body and soul need oxygen, & it’s very helpful to free your mind from anxious thoughts.

5. Lowering Your Toxin Burden

Make healthy swaps to lower your toxin burden, e.g. switch your cosmetic products, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc. to cleaner & safer alternatives.

Mirjana Joy

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