Chasing Dreams

Self-fulfillment is key in our society. Follow your heart. Chase your dreams. Do what’s best for you. The Bible tells us the exact opposite: Do not follow your heart (Matthew 15:19). Glorify God in everything you do (1. Corinthians 10:31). Serve your neighbor (Galatians 5:13). Humble yourself (Matthew 23:12). 

During my journalism training, I interned at a popular German broadcaster. I already had been accepted to work as an online editor in my church, but something inside of me questioned my decision: “You want to work in your church? C’mon, you could try to be a real journalist! Cruising around with a camera team, interviewing (famous) people, wearing fancy clothes…” Well, my prideful heart would have liked that. But I know, there is only one person I would have glorified with that kind of career: me. 

I’m not saying we should ignore all the longings of our hearts. I’m not saying God doesn’t want us to follow dreams at all. But we need to ask ourselves: Why does my heart long for xyz? What kind of dreams do I follow?

I don’t want my glory, but His. That’s why I don’t want to chase my dreams, but God’s dreams for me. They’re so much bigger than I could ever wish for or imagine. And He will fulfill them. For my best and His glory.  

Mirjana Joy

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  1. I am writing to sincerely encourage you for the work you are doing and also to tell you that I am impressed and blessed by these articles.

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