A Note On Emotions

I have to admit: I’m a super emotional woman. On the one hand this fact can be seen as a wonderful gift from God. For example, there are even small things that make me very happy, and it isn’t a challenge for me to freak out, and to rejoice with my family and friends. On the other hand, as much as I experience the feeling of joy, I also know the feelings of sadness and fear very well.

The strong perception of emotions has been pretty tough for me in the past. There is a danger that I’m still learning how to deal with. Since I do perceive emotions in a very strong way, I sometimes tend to trust in my feelings more than I should. Because of this, there were certain times in my life when my heart started to believe in lies, rather than trusting in God’s Word. When I didn’t feel God as obvious as before, I doubted His love and grace towards me. Furthermore, I was in fear that I would lose my faith, and wouldn’t be a “true believer” after all. What if my faith wasn’t real or not deep enough?
As long as I had “good emotions”, I felt secure in God’s hands, but as soon as they went down for some reason, anxiety took hold of my heart again.

Have you ever experienced something like that?  If so, I really hope to encourage you by sharing my own emotional-rollercoasters with you. I know, as much as emotions make us happy, they can also be a heavy burden, and they can even have an impact on our relationship with Jesus.

However, God isn’t surprised about our feelings. He created us as men and women, and especially women are very emotional beings. I’m so thankful that God doesn’t leave us alone in our rollercoasters, but encourages and helps us how to handle our emotions. In the midst of my confusion, He spoke to my heart, using two messages by Betsy Ricucci. Ladies, if you’re at least half as emotional as I am, I would like to encourage you to follow the links below. I pray the messages would bless you as much as they were a blessing to me.

God bless,

Betsy Ricucci:
Emotions: A Gift From God, Corrupted By Sin, and Subject to Truth
Learning How to Handle Our Emotions

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